Well. Today we had the largest party ever – seven members – and the most “interesting” experience of the campaign so far. There are many words to describe it. One of the printable ones is “debacle”.

We picked up from last time in front of the cave entrance. Passing through, the party found itself in a sewer-like area. We went to the right, and ran into several “bad men”. The same ones we’d come across back in Longshadow.

Fortunately, they went down quickly. Continuing on and through a door, we entered a large, open area. At the center was the “little girl” we’d seen in Longshadow. Possibly no surprise, since we’d just dispatched several of her “bad men”.

Yes, Nel was there, too. Bound and gagged, and not looking too well. Kit slipped over to release him while the others talked with LG (we don’t know what she really is, so that will have to suffice).

Stony, ready for trouble, walked right up in front of her. We were here for Nel, and Stony was prepared to fight if need be. For some reason, Sevia came up and stood near Stony. Not a great place for a mage if trouble started.

Then we had an extended conversation with our nemesis. Part of it was trying to occupy her attention while Kit worked on Nel, but LG was aware, and actually dissolved his bonds.

So Nel was reunited with the party once more. Kira healed him up a bit, while LG told us what she wanted: the shadow dragon dead. Somehow, we were not surprised.

In the meantime, Sevia, as usual, was mouthing off, in her more-or-less oblivious way. Kit was rapidly losing her temper. Stony, with the iron discipline of a hardened fighter, managed to keep himself in check.

Then Sevia began making up to Nel. Bad move, as Kit had long had a heavy crush on him. That was the last straw. She nocked an arrow and let fly at Sevia, getting in a sneak attack and doing heavy damage.

Sevia then returned fire, several times (six, by the log), while various party members yelled at her to stop. Since that wasn’t getting through to her, Stony lost his patience.

Putting away his weapons, he turned and belted Sevia a good one. Really good: it was a critical hit (of course). Between that and Kit’s shot, Sevia dropped and began bleeding to death. Stony hauled out a healing kit and brought her back.

Finally, things calmed down. I’m sure the LG was quite amused by this little byplay. No matter, we finally got the details from her. She had a magical object that apparently contained the essence of what she called a “master of light”.

The idea was to engage the shadow dragon in combat, and use this essence to help weaken it. Then LG would come in and finish off the dragon. After that, so she said, we’d be able to leave the shadow plane and go home.

I doubt anyone there believed her. And really, Stony was itching to let loose, but we had already decided well beforehand to bargain with the dragon first.

So we sort of agreed to the job. The LG wanted us to swear a vow to do it, but fortunately she was distracted by other questions. So we didn’t, which leaves us free and clear to do as we please when we get to the dragon. IF we get to it.

She gave us directions of a kind. This brought us to a room with a portal, and three reapers. Three very nasty creatures (one of which seemed to disappear during the fight; only two show “died” in the log).

They had a fear aura, and several party members – Stony included – failed their fear saves. So for awhile Stony, to his frustration, was standing with his nose to a wall.

Meanwhile, the reapers were doing a number on the others. In a long and extremely painful fight, just about everyone went down at one time or another. Kira had a very bad time of it, as did Grace. Sevia actually died.

Stony, too, dropped, but somehow came back (I’m not sure how). A good thing, as it was he who finally killed off both reapers, eventually (they had tough DR, and that’s against a +2 weapon).

When it was over, everyone was back on their feet, and using some healing potions. Sevia was resurrected. Then we noticed that Nel wasn’t with us in the room. Somehow, he’d gone through the portal during the fight. In fact, it must have been right at the beginning, as the log doesn’t show Nel there are all.

So we went into it, and found ourselves in a mazy area of tiny islets. Nel was there, shooting across the way at some foul bird. He killed it just after Stony arrived.

The rest came through, and we started forward. Kit and Stony were ahead. Somehow, as they came to the edge, they were teleported elsewhere. I think the others were sent someplace, too, but not with us.

The first thing that showed up were some Vapor Hawks. We managed to get rid of them. Then a “Chasme Demon” showed up, and that was pretty much it for Kit and Stony.

Like the reapers, it had a fear aura. That was bad news in itself. Then a lot of really bad rolls came up, so Stony hardly touched the thing. The demon, however, didn’t have much trouble smacking the Dwarf.

And just to put the icing on it, a critter called “Greater Nyth”, on an islet across from us, let loose with a couple of magic missiles. That was the coup de grace for Stony (Kit was already down and out).

And the rest, wherever they were, also bit the dust. Being split up like that was definitely the death knell.

So you’re wondering, what happened here? Well, this module was meant for a higher-level party. My guess is maybe around 12th level, and we’re only 6th. The DM, however, hadn’t adjusted the mod for the lower level, with rather unpleasant results all around.

So we ended there, with everyone eventually restored. And the DM promised to adjust the mod for next session. I hope she remembers; this is not something any of us want to go through again! Ow!