The Church Of England, according to the BBC, will be sending a list of their demands to Sony over the Resistance: Fall of Man game that has a shoot-out set in Manchester Cathedral.

CoE isn’t asking for much. Aside from an apology, they want either the game taken off the shelves or the offending section removed from the game.

Then they’d like some cash – a “substantial donation” – from the game’s profits to support their work with youth groups. And finally, they want Sony to support other groups fighting against “gun crime”.

Since the game has been out for about six months, and sold over a million copies by now, I can’t see that “modifying the game to remove the cathedral segment” would be worthwhile.

Besides, you can just imagine the eBay feeding frenzy that would occur if Sony went along with that. People would be snapping up copies of the game to sell as soon as the “censored” version came out.

The real matter here is a legal one, of course. I suppose it may come down to what defines a “public building” in Great Britain. Or, for that matter, anywhere else in the world. Good thing I’m not a lawyer ;)

CoE’s Demands to Sony