Over at the Basilisk Games forums, they’ve allowed one of the beta-testers to provide a brief look at the upcoming Eschalon: Book I. There are a couple of things I like already.

The first item that caught my eye was the word “dice”. Gosh, when was the last time we rolled dice at character creation? That will be a wonderful change from “point buy” or “template” systems.

And there were the magic words: turn-based. Yes, that was mentioned before, but it’s nice to have confirmation. Wow, this may almost be like a stroll in the park after so many “action/RPG” games.

Another mention I found interesting is that there isn’t a “know-all” NPC who tells you what to do. You have to do some groundwork on your own and put the pieces together.

Gee. This all sounds so “too good to be true”. Now I’m worried. Will it really be that good. I sure hope so. In the meantime, check out the forum postings and see what you think.

Sneak Peek At Eschalon on Basilisk Forums

P.S. I know, we don’t have a forum, but it would help if people restrained their off-topic posts a little. Thank you ;)