Popping up right behind yesterday’s “sneak peek” at Eschalon is a first look at Bethesda’s upcoming Fallout 3. They may surprise me (and many others) yet.

From the post, it looks like they’ve kept a lot of the original character scheme. More to the point, while the game is real-time, they are using Action Points for combat.

Apparently this puts you in some sort of quasi-turn-based mode. It isn’t clear exactly how that works, although mention is made of  “pausing the game”. Sounds a little like the system in – what was it? – Icewind Dale? Baldur’s Gate? It’s been awhile, but I know at least one had something like that.

Still, it’s better than the usual “twitch” system that most games come with these days. The one thing I’m hesitant about is the actual character creation, which seems to go through several stages, rather like that awful “escape with the Emperor” business in Oblivion.

I hope that can be gone through quickly. I am no fan of extended “cute” creation episodes. Otherwise, so far Fallout 3 is looking pretty decent. Check out the post on RPG Watch and see for yourself.

Fallout 3 preview on RPG Watch