Today The Escapist has up an interview with Lord British. While it’s supposed to be mainly about his MMOG, Tabula Rasa, Lord B. managed to get in quite a few references to (what else?) Ultima IV.

Since Tabula Rasa is a MMOG, I don’t know much about it. However, from the piece, it seems that Lord British is trying to get in there some of the more “virtue”-oriented aspects of U4, though not as a copy.

From what I read, it looks more like he’s working from the “tarot card” beginning of Ultima IV, where you have a pair of choices to each situation that creates your character.

So in-game incidents would be based on your particular ethic or moral decisions, rather than sending you on a path to Avatarhood. This is obviously not your typical set-up for an online MP game.

He also mentioned that there would be no “editorializing”, in that one way is good or another bad. You’d see the results, and decide for yourself. A good trick, if they can pull that off.

Will it all work? Only time will tell. It’s certainly an interesting departure from the norm of “hack and haul”. And who knows, if it catches on, maybe some of that could trickle down to the single-player RPGs.

Lord British interview on The Escapist