There’s been a lot of noise lately about Take-Two’s upcoming game, Manhunt 2. In particular, about the extreme violence it displays.

The game has been banned in Britain, where that country’s ratings board refused to give it any rating. Thus the game would be illegal to sell there. Ireland also refused to rate Mahunt 2, with the same result.

In the U.S., the ESRB gave it AO, Adults Only. Many stores, especially big retailers, refuse to stock games with that rating, and such products also can’t be translated to any of the consoles.

Now Take-Two has put the game on hold, pulling it from the scheduled release date of July 10th, while they “consider options”.

The estimated cost to modify the game to obtain a better rating (or any rating at all) is about a million dollars. In the industry these days, that’s almost petty cash.

Will Take-Two do it? I suspect so. With no markets in Britain and Ireland, and probably not Australia either (that country’s board is extremely tough), along with limited distribution here, few units would be sold. And that’s not considering other European countries.

On the other hand, all the publicity is likely to help sell the game when it finally reaches the shelves. There’s nothing like “banned” or “almost banned” to get product moving.

Take-Two Reconsiders on Gamebiz Daily