Coming to somewhere in New York City, sometime in the fall of  2009, is a school whose curriculum is based around…gaming and game design.

That’s for real, folks. The MacArthur Foundation is granting 1.1 million dollars for this project. This will be a combined middle/high school, for grades 6-12.

No hard details are available yet, since they have two years to work things out. For instance, where the school will be, and which kids get to go to it.

It’s certainly an interesting concept, and of course, it’s not about teaching kids to play Super Mario better. The games and game design are meant as teaching/learning tools.

Personally, I dunno if – as a kid – I’d want to spend six years doing educational game stuff in school. It might take the edge off personal gaming at home.

Anyway, check out the article and see what you think.

Gaming Literacy on Gamasutra