We’ve heard from people about how “games are too big these days”, or rather, too long. Now there’s a solution.

Over at Kim Pallister’s blog, there’s a post about Forza 2, a racing sim for the Xbox. When you don’t have the time or inclination to do the racing yourself, you can hire a driver.

Yup, you can let the game play against itself, and according to the post, your “designated driver” will usually win.

Which naturally brings up the question, what’s the point? We’re supposed to buy games to play ourselves. Or is the idea to make games so large that they end up being more like movies, with the player coming in just near the end?

Of course, auto-pilot isn’t exactly new. I recall in Wizard’s Crown, there was an “automatic combat” feature you could use to go swiftly through easier fights (combat could take awhile, even when the foes were weak). It was handled all-text, by the way, and it was quick.

I didn’t use it very often, because even in the easy combats, my team usually came out worse, though they won, than if I’d managed the fight on my own.

And we all know about “farm bots” in MMOGs that do some of the grinding for you while you’re offline. They’re not legal in many games, but it’s done anyway.

Still, the thought that a game would allow for “auto-play” the way Forza 2 does is disturbing. I hope it doesn’t indicate a trend in games. Certainly not single-player games.

My own feeling is, if a game “needs” such a feature, it’s too long and too boring. Read the post and see what you think.

The self-playing game at Kim Pallister’s blog