I know it’s summer, but it does seem a bit odd to me there haven’t been many comments posted lately.

Of course, the Take-Two/Manhunt incident had its fair share of remarks. And I don’t know if I could improve on Vagabond’s comments there, but I may give it a try later on.

On the other hand, apparently no one (well, no one except Presto) has anything to say about games that play against themselves for those who are too busy or bored to take a hand.

The same goes for the NYC plan to create a school whose curriculum is built around games. That’s certainly a cutting-edge idea, whether it works out or not. I wonder if anyone even followed the link and read the piece?

We didn’t have a NWN session this week, again. It looks like we won’t be able to finish up for another month. The player on whose behalf we’re mucking around the shadow plane is heading off on vacation Tuesday and won’t return until late July.

Yeah, it sure is quiet out there…