Having checked the weather reports, and seen that today is likely to be a repeat of yesterday (thunderstorms, bah!), I’m getting something up early. Over at Gamasutra, they have the beginning of an interesting series.

The IGDA has started the Digital Canon. Not so much a “Hall of Fame” as an archive of (ahem) “influential games”. I know, we’ve heard that before. But who knows, they may be on to something here nonetheless.

Among the first inductees is Zork. I agree with that completely. So does Gamasutra, and they have a large (6-page) article on the game (they will be doing write-ups of the other nine games eventually).

It’s a great read, along with some interesting quotes from former Infocom designers and others. One thing that struck me is that the author thinks that text adventures might make a comeback.

I can’t see that happening myself. Yes, there are independents out there who produce text adventures today (I have to find that link; maybe tomorrow, weather permitting). But that’s a very niche audience these days.

Of course, a text game would be far cheaper to produce than anything with visuals. But no big company would take a chance on that, regardless of how little the cost.

Anyway, do read the article and see what you think.

History Of Zork on Gamasutra

Inductees on the IGDA Digital Canon Wiki