No joke. IBM and Seriosity have done a study, and their conclusion is that hardcore gamers would make good business leaders.

They especially single out those who play MMOGs, particularly RPGs (WoW, anyone?). Apparently, the skills used in creating groups, organizing raids, settling disputes, and whatnot, are just the sort of skills business leaders should have.

Now, whether how well you can do these things in games can translate to the real world….that’s something else again, as I see it. Because there is no “seeing” in these games. Everything and everyone is virtual.

In the real world, you’re facing real people. That makes a big difference. The same person you got along with on those Wow raids may be someone you’d have a hard time liking face-to-face.

In any case, check out the article and the report. Who knows, the guild leaders of today may be the CEOs of tomorrow. And by then, perhaps, the media will have gotten off the backs of gamers (ha).

Gamers As Business Leaders on Game Daily