These MOTSOS aren’t kosher. It stands for More Of The Same Old…Stuff. As if the current (or almost-current) glut of “action/RPGS” wasn’t enough, along comes an announcement of yet another.

This time, it’s Polish developer Rebelmind, about to foist on the gaming public Chosen: Well Of Souls (previously unimaginatively titled Frater).

The brief press release on gamebanshee doesn’t give too many details. However, even that little bit doesn’t sound all too exciting. Possibly the only thing of note is the setting.

Rather than the usual quasi-feudal milieu, Chosen is placed in the turn of the 19th century. That doesn’t make it modern, though, as magic is part of the game.

So are werewolves, vampires, demons and, no doubt, all the other usual suspects. The plot is so refreshing: an evil sorcerer is out to take over the world. Wow, we haven’t had one of those in, umm, several days now.

It sounds be a big game, too. “Over 12 blood-curdling quests…”. 12? They must be rather long ones. Twelve hardly sounds like a lot in these Titan Quest days.

There’s some curious wording in that press release, too. “…the powerful sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens has recruited the souls of ancient alchemists to aid in his destruction.” Hmm. Sounds like this Foozle is a trifle suicidal.

Yeah, I know this is a rant. But I am SO tired of these “action/RPGs” that are so much like one another. We really don’t need any more of them.

Anyway, read the press release and see what you think.

Choen: Well Of Souls press release on Game Banshee.