Just the other day, in The Fantasy Rut, we looked at how the majority of games were set in that quasi-medieval world with which we are all too familiar. Now Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games is moving away from that and into the depths of space.

In fact, they’re moving Dungeon Siege into space, with (haha) Space Siege. The game is billed as (alas) “action rpg”, and set in a spaceship beset by alien invaders.

Not the most original plot. All the information I have at the moment comes from the press release, and personally, it sounds more like “Doom In Space“.

You take a pre-created character called Seth Walker and fight against the invaders. The one twist is that you can enhance yourself cybernetically to aid in the cause. This, in turn, reduces your humanity, but helps you to fight better.

Well, at least it isn’t the usual swords and spells. Check out the press release and see what you think.

Space Siege press release at Sega