At least in the U.K., as of September, when a new law kicks in. Of course, when it comes to gambling, one doesn’t usually think of MMOGs. But the new edict is meant as an all-inclusive, single law to address all forms of gambling.

The important part is this:

The Act defines a “game of chance” as any game which involves elements of both chance and skill, or where superlative skill can eliminate chance. The definition of “prize” includes cash prizes, products and virtual prizes which can be exchanged for money.

This definition could easily affect in-game events such as tournaments, if prizes are handed out to winners, and there is some element of chance involved. Even if the participants don’t consider it to be “gambling”.

However, it is possible for the company putting up a MMOG to obtain a license for online gambling. So it’s not like gambling online is being forbidden, just brought under government jurisdiction.

The article I read was brief, and didn’t go into such matters as: does this affect games running in other countries, like WoW? And, once this takes effect, will other countries enact such a law, as well?

Read the article and see what you think.

The U.K.’s new gambling law on Games Industry