Yep, one of the biggies has finally said what many of us have been saying for too long now: games are too much “same-old, same-old”.

It’s rather startling to hear that from EA chief John Riccitiello. Of course, he’s right; but still, the corps, or at least one of them, admitting this in public? Hmmmm!

I gather from the article that this is going to mark a big move by EA into the “casual” market (there’s that word again). Riccitiello thinks that this is where they can be innovative, and, presumably, with smaller games to play.

I say smaller, as he mentions the typical disc game that runs $50-$60, and takes many hours to get through. He thinks a lot of players aren’t finishing those games. And that’s hardcore he’s talking about (and there’s that other word, again).

So what does this mean, in actuality? Will EA be moving to smaller products, with digital distribution? Is the indie method catching on in the big leagues? And if so, what will that mean for the independents? Are they going to be crowded out now?

Read the article on the Wall Street Journal and see what you think.

EA Chief: “We’re boring people” on the WSJ site