As some of you may know, this is E3 week. Game companies show off their products and possible vaporware. The various sites I check each day are clogged with E3 info.

Of course, it’s all the same information. E3 preview of this game, E3 preview of that game, ad nauseam. And I wonder why they make such a big deal of it.

Okay, so maybe they got a little hands-on time with the games. But it’s not like anything especially new is being shown. Most of the products have been “previewed” before now, with screenshots, write-ups, and trailers all over the ‘net.

That’s not counting the interviews with this or that developer. We already have so much information out there, what’s coming from E3 is almost redundant. All right, it is mostly redundant.

I’ll be glad when the show is over. Naturally, the usual hype will continue, so as to keep anticipation high among gamers. But at least it’ll be coming in smaller doses. I hope.