Over at Wired, Clive Thompson has a piece up about bad games. Really bad games.

He muses on why there aren’t any games in the “B movie” category, that are so bad they’re funny, like a bad movie. He concludes it’s because movies are watched and games are played.

With that, I can certainly agree. However, when he goes on to assert that games either “rock or suck”, with no middle ground, well, there I have to disagree.

In my time (and probably yours, too), I’ve waded through plenty of mediocre products. These were games that were neither great nor horrible. You played them once, maybe twice, then moved on, forgetting them entirely. They just had nothing memorable about them either way.

Maybe it’s different for today’s gamers. Maybe they do consider games to fall into only “good or terrible” categories. If a game isn’t “great”, it can’t be just mediocre; in their view it’s automatically bad?

Check out the article and see what you think.

Really Bad Games on Wired