Ads, that is. We all know that advertising has been creeping into games, including online games. It’s probably going to get worse, too.

Over at Gamasutra, they have a piece up about a survey conducted earlier this month by Macrovision. 83% of the respondents said they wouldn’t mind watching a 30-second ad so they could play a game for free.

These, by the way, were “casual” gamers. Although, since 28 percent play nine times a week or more, that can hardly be called “casual”.

I just find it disheartening that so many would be willing to watch a commercial to play “for free” (a misnomer, because “free” means no strings attached).

Of course, people are inundated by ads every day, so maybe one more doesn’t make that much difference. And the people putting up the game have to make money from them somehow.

What worries me is that this seems like the “foot in the door”. That it’s just the beginning, and sooner or later, there are going to be more of these ads in “free play”.

“And now, before we get to the next level, here’s a word from our sponsor…”.

I can see that happening, especially if so many are willing to view commercials. You just can’t get away from this stuff. Alas.

Casual Gamers Say OK to ads on Gamasutra