Ever play any of those computer football games? Ever notice something might be missing, like real weather? Well, now EA is doing something about that.

Yep, for NCAA Football ’08, you can call up the actual weather conditions at any NCAA stadium when you play the game. It’s some online linkup they have with The Weather Channel Interactive.

That’s optional, by the way, and of course, you have to be online to grab the weather report. But it’s fascinating that they can do this: recreate the weather of “right now” when you play the game.

It certainly adds a bit of realism. After all, football games don’t always take place in brilliant sunshine under sunny skies with only a mild breeze.

Of course, how well this will work out in actuality remains to be seen. If it does well, who knows? Maybe they’ll add this to pro football games, too.

Weather In The Game on gamesetwatch