According to a study done by Double Fusion, the answer is “yes”. But I’m not entirely convinced.

The article on Gamasutra doesn’t have a lot of information. Oh, there are details about how often a gamer “interacts” with an ad, and what the best placements are.

But looking at an ad, and then buying because of it, is another matter. I didn’t see anything about how that was tracked. Or even if it was. It seems to me that all this study shows is that people are looking at the advertisements.

Of course, companies eager to inundate us with their “buy our junk” ads will probably find it heartening that gamers are aware of this stuff. And be encouraged to pay out big bucks to get their products in front of more eyeballs. Just what we didn’t need.

In this ad-crazy world, games were one of the few areas left untouched. Now we’ve got these annoyances showing up everywhere, with plans for even more. It’s enough to turn you off games forever.

In-game ads (supposedly) work