Just yesterday, Linden Lab announced that all gambling, in any form, is banned from Second Life. The reason, of course, is that the in-game money can be exchanged for real-world cash.

That makes it “real world” gambling, and the FBI has apparently been investigating SL over that matter. Of course, gambling isn’t necessarily illegal here.

There are plenty of states where you can bet at a racetrack or buy a lottery ticket, never mind Las Vegas and similar. The problem is that there is no government control of online gambling (whether in SL or any other site).

And we all know how much Uncle Sam wants his share. It would just be terrible if – horrors! – you managed to win $50 and never reported that on your tax form.

Of course, in the aggregate, that might add up to a tidy sum. Regardless, the online gambling community in SL will now have to look elsewhere for their pleasure.

Anti-gambling Post on Second Life’s blog