Actually, they will be here tomorrow (7/29) on CBS: video game replays. For those who may not remember, I mentioned this initially in Let’s Watch Video Games II, and pondered about a major network putting this in a broadcast. Would this really be of interest to the average viewer?
So now I guess we’ll find out. Of course, one showing probably won’t be enough to gauge reaction, unless the station gets a lot of calls from bemused viewers wondering what they just saw.

In any case, those of you who have a TV, and aren’t doing anything important tomorrow around noon (I don’t know what zone; likely Eastern, but check listings to be sure), may want to tune in just to see this marvel.

In fact, I’m hoping someone will, because I’m really curious on how CBS is going to present this. There’s an article about it on the NY Times site, but that simply isn’t enough. I think one has to “be there” and watch.

CBS To Televise Video Game Replays

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