Over at RPG Vault, they have a write-up by Minh Tri Do Dinh, (AI, animation and game design) on the upcoming action/RPG Avencast: Rise Of The Mage from ClockStone Software. Mr. Dinh wants to put the “action” into “action/RPG”.

We would think there has been plenty of action (maybe too much) in the recent offerings in this genre, but not so Clockstone. They believe we rely too much on numbers. Especially numbers as they relate to fighting.

Right, we don’t need to use no steenking numbers. Let’s go back to twitch gaming, like those good old “bash ’em” side-scrollers. While using magic.

It’s difficult enough to use magic in a more traditional real-time RPG, such as Neverwinter Nights. There you get off one spell at a time, with the click of the mouse. That’s too tame for Avencast, which, according to the interview, will have “combos” to make your spells more powerful.

I suppose the generation that grew up with console games such as Mortal Kombat will be able to handle that. Personally, I’d rather play a game than a piano, fingers flying over the keyboard.

But not to worry. They plan to have some “RPG stuff” in there. You know, people to talk to and errands to run, in case you become bored by all the fighting.

This looks like one I’d rather skip. And I wonder where Mr. Dinh got some of his ideas about the current games; they’re a little strange. But check out the interview and judge for yourself.

Avencast article on RPG Vault