Great thought, huh? Of course, in real life, that’s not so easy. But if you live in China, you can indulge in virtual slaughter of graft-grabbing, bribe-taking officials.

Called Incorruptible Fighter, the game allows players to advance by both killing (or torturing, probably killing too) corrupt officials and boning up on some Chinese history related to the game’s theme.

At the conclusion, the successful player enters a paradise where everyone is honest and there is prosperity for all. A nice thought.

It’s become so popular since its recent release, the servers crashed and the game is offline for some serious upgrades to handle the traffic.

The point of the game is educational/political, meant to show players that corruption is bad. Very bad. Perhaps not surprising, as China does have a serious problem with official corruption these days.

They’re serious about rooting it out, too. Serious enough to execute some who are found guilty in this area.

Maybe we could use a game like that over here, and at least get some vicarious satisfaction. But I’d draw the line at torture, since the Chinese game allows for the killing off of the official’s family, as well. Nasty.

Kill Corrupt Officials Online at The Sunday Telegraph

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