Movies based on video games, that is. None so far have done all that well at the box office, but Hollywood keeps trying. Now two new films have been announced.

First up, with not too much info, is Return To Castle Wolfenstein. The Nazis have always been popular enemies; just about anyone can hate them without regrets.

The writer and producer of Silent Hill (the movie) will be teaming up to do Wolfenstein. I’m wondering if this movie will ever be seen in Germany, which bans all depictions of Nazi regalia and symbols. Unless they somehow manage to make a movie about Nazis without showing any of that.

The other announcement is the movie adaptation of World Of Warcraft. This one has a bit more information to it.

The film will be made by Legendary Pictures (best known for 300), with a budget of $100 million. That’s a hefty budget. My guess is, most of that will be going to the special effects.

Apparently, it will be set at a time just before the in-game WoW era, and the focus will be on the war between the Alliance and the Horde. So we can probably expect a lot of fighting, and the usual simple plot.

The tentative release date for the movie is sometime in 2009. I suspect they’ll recoup the expenses rather quickly, given the 9 million WoW players out there. Of course, that presumes WoW is still going then, and likely it will be.

Wolfenstein movie announced on Gamespot

WoW movie announced on Gamespot