At least it seems that way, and will probably seem more so in a short time. Halo 3 for the Xbox is set to have the biggest launch of any video game ever.

The pre-orders have already gone past a million. I don’t think even Wow or its expansions had that many. That’s almost on a par with Harry Potter.

The real news, though, is the mainstream promotions for the game. Companies like Mountain Dew, 7-Eleven, Pontiac, Comcast and Burger King Corp. are jumping on the bandwagon (Pontiac?).

This is the sort of thing we expect for a big (hyped) movie launch. To see such a wide-spread promotion for a video game is a bit mindboggling. Maybe more than a bit, even with Microsoft behind it all.

The promotions begin next week, and will hit their high point of hysteria around the release, scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 25th. Expect to see Halo 3 almost everywhere. Possibly even in game stores, if they haven’t sold out ;)

The one thing that caught my eye is what’scoming from Mountain Dew. They’re offering Mountain Dew Game Fuel, “an invigorating blast of citrus cherry flavor and added caffeine for maximum intensity.” Shucks, why not just drink coffee if you need something for those extended play sessions?

Halo 3 big launch on Games Industry