Today on his blog, Coyote (he’s been busy lately) has posted his list of “16 Essential RPGs”. The ones that he believes are the “benchmarks”, the games, though old, that serious game writers should be familiar with.

This is a sort of extension of his post on A Lack Of Perspective by many of today’s game journalists.

You’ll find many familiar titles on the list. I knew all of them, though there are five I’ve never played. One series that isn’t mentioned, however, is Eye Of The Beholder.

While it wasn’t exactly ground-breaking, and I don’t consider it “Hall Of Fame” material, it did do one thing, for better or worse. It brought real-time combat to AD&D (now just D&D).

In one of the comments, a poster suggested Wasteland. A nice thought, but I don’t think it had much effect at the time, except that several horrible “post-nuke” games followed in its wake.

Anyway, check out the post, see if you agree (or disagree) with the list, and whether you can think of a game that was missed.

Essential RPGs on Coyote’s blog