Well, I finally got a chance to read the Peter Molyneux interview that Presto mentioned in a comment a few days back. Molyneux has a rather low opinion of RPGs, especially when it comes to combat.

From the piece, I gather that he’s talking mainly about games on consoles, since he mentions controllers and “button combinations”. In that respect, he may be right when he says: “..games today are mechanically too hard and too difficult”.

Especially for casual gamers, and he’s looking in particular to get them to play his upcoming Fable 2. So he’s got a sort of dual combat system, where you can get through by just “button mashing” on one button, or you can get fancy and fight in the more “traditional” way.

Will that appeal to the “casuals”? I don’t know, but I rather have my doubts. Particularly as those who do the “traditional” style of fighting will be “rewarded” with more points than those who just “bash (or mash)” away.

This is also the game that has the “non-death” system that was noted here some time back. Your character, if laid low, can sacrifice some experience points and bounce right back up to continue fighting. Or, you can keep the experience and take a beating that will leave permanent scars on your body.

Personally, I can’t see that either or both of these features would make the game inviting to casual players. I also don’t think his answer to the “die/restore” problem is all that good, for that matter.

The interview doesn’t have anything about actual game content; it’s all about the mechanics, with the focus on combat. Check it out, and see what you think.

Peter Molyneux Interview on Kikizo