While Bioshock is still several days from release, reviews are already showing up. For that matter, the game itself was briefly available ahead of time.

The news was all over the ‘net yesterday that Toys R Us was selling the game. Of course, they aren’t doing that anymore. I suspect that Toys has heard from 2k, and probably parent Take-Two, about that little maneuver.

In any case, that was too short a time to allow for both gameplay and a review, at least in the case of Eurogamer and Games Radar, both of which have extensive articles on the game. Perhaps they received early review copies. Game Informer, on the other hand, has only a short piece on it.

Since this is a highly-anticipated game, it’s only natural that various sites want to get their reviews up quickly. But I wonder if they haven’t been too quick.

Of the three I read, only the Games Radar reviewer seems to have finished it, as his is the only article that mentions the end game. So of the three, I’d consider this the most authoritative at the moment.

What struck me most about these reviews is that not one of them mentioned any problems with Bioshock. I find that astonishing. While there are lavish – I could almost say rapturous! – descriptions of the graphics, the gameplay, the story – not a word is there of any bugs, even minor ones.

Can that be so? When was the last time any major game arrived without the need for an early patch, however much “polishing” was done beforehand? In their delirium over the game – all three are extremely positive – did the reviewers just forget any little problems along the way?

Or is this an historic moment, a major release that runs clean from start to finish? I suppose only time will tell, once the game is actually out and being played by the majority.

Of course, I’m not going to be part of that majority any time soon, as my system isn’t up to the specs, not even the minimum ones. In the meantime, for those interested, below are the links to the three sites with reviews:

Bioshock on Games Radar

Bioshock on Eurogamer

Bioshock on Game Informer