Once again, Coyote sneaks in ahead of me (I really have to watch this guy; he’s too fast!). On his blog, he has a post about the upcoming D&D 4th edition.

Yes folks, a new, revised, edition of Dungeons & Dragons is coming in the near future, namely May 2008. And it wasn’t all that long ago that v3.5 came out.

My own copy of the Player’s Handbook is dated “Special Edition 2004”. That’s only three years back. What’s going on here? Is WoTC in need of money? Or are they trying to milk the cash cow for every drop they can?

I suspect the latter. In addition to the new version, they have some things planned to coordinate the paper books with special online features. Features they plan to offer for a “nominal fee”.

So not only is WoTC putting out yet another version of the rules – so that all the fans will now have to buy new books, which are not cheap – they’re adding “special stuff” to pull even more money out of players’ pockets.

Personally, I’m not going to bother with the new edition, which is already being called “4e” on the boards. I was appalled by the 3.0 rules, which I considered pandered to impatient munchkins/power gamers. Players who wanted to advance as fast in face-to-face as they could in computer games.

From what I’ve read on the boards, it doesn’t look like things will change for the better in 4e. And, of course, we can expect this stuff to show up in future D&D-based games.

Not that I care so much about the CRPGs. You always need as much power as you can get in those. But for “sitting around the living room with friends” play, I think it’s time I quit the D&D scene. The system just doesn’t appeal to me any longer.

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