I know, I know. I said I’d sworn off lists. But hey, it’s a dull Sunday evening. And I’m feeling too lazy to write anything “heavy”. And I know that Presto is just itching to post another list of his own ;).

Anyway, over at Ugo, they have up their list of the “Top 11 Epic RPGs”. At least that’s a bit of a change from the usual 10. An extra entry at no extra charge!

You’ll find some familiar titles on the list. I do take exception to Betrayal At Krondor being there. Especially as they don’t have Ultima IV listed.

But as we mentioned in another topic (Essential RPGS? for those who may have forgotten), a lot of the early games tend to be overlooked. Or maybe that should be “underlooked”.

A couple of titles are totally unfamiliar to me; no doubt they came out only on consoles. Overall, I think they did a fair job of it, but I suspect you folks have some additions of your own. Check out the list and see what you think.

Top 11 Epic RPGs on Ugo