I’ve been taking it easy with Geneforge 4 today, starting up new characters in each class, before deciding which one to play through the demo. In the meantime, my buzz around the game sites turned up a nice list of upcoming releases on Gamespy.

There were close to forty games listed, and all for the PC. Unfortunately, from my point of view, there were only three games listed in the RPG category: Mask Of The Betrayer (expansion for NWN2), The Witcher, and, of course, Hellgate: London.

They did miss Manhunt 2 for some reason, not that most of us care. But it is somewhat depressing to see only three titles for RPG, and none for adventures.

Then again, I’m sure Presto will be around soon with a list of games that were omitted from the Gamespy’s compilation ;). Even so, some of you out there do have interests in other genres, so the list is worth a look. I’ll have another post on GF4 tomorrow.

Upcoming PC Releases on Gamespy