Well, there’s a lot more to the opening chapter than first appeared. In fact, there’s quite a bit to do before the big evacuation.

First, though, I forgot to mention the inventory system last time. It works on encumbrance, but only for equipped items. So your backpack can be full of items, even heavy ones, and they’re essentially weightless.

However, all equipped items have weight, so you have to be careful what you put on. Strength, naturally, is the stat which determines how much you can equip before becoming encumbered.

That can be a problem, even for fighter types. It takes a lot of points to increase any stat, and you also have skills to consider. With just five points per level, distribution is no easy matter.

Further, better armor decreases your chance to hit. Even fairly lightweight stuff has a negative. For example, leather greaves are -5%, so is an ironbound shield. Together, they give better protection, but you’re stuck with -10% to hit. I consider that a bit much for so early in the game.

Spells can be a problem, too. All but two require both spell energy and essence. The energy comes back on its own, but you must either find an essence pool or use an essence pod to replenish what’s been used.

Anyway, after finishing up training, I wandered around the citadel and found people with jobs needing to be done. Some were in-house, such as calming a fyora, deactivating a minefield, and interrogating a prisoner. Others required leaving the fort.

And just outside Southforge was a guy who had several tasks for me, as well. That’s on top of the “mainline” jobs. So there’s plenty to do here. I’ve been to a lot of places already, with a few more waiting.

I think the count is up to 11 now, and with just 20 for the demo, it may not be too long before I reach the stopping point. Might not even get out of the first chapter.

At the moment, I’m working with my Infiltrator. She uses magic and fighting most of the time. I’ve got a little fyora (fire-breathing lizard) with me; dunno how long he’ll be useful. So far, though, he’s been a big help.

And yeah, I’ve been (cough) doing a little cheating. You know how it is at the start: never enough money to buy anything worthwhile. So I’ve been filling up my purse now and then (more now than then ;).

Haven’t made up my mind yet if I’ll buy this or not. We’ll see when I get to the stopping point. Stay tuned, sports fans!