Why not? After all, we get to save the world. We find lost dogs, clear out cellarsful of rats, carry love notes, and rescue little old ladies from loan sharks. Hey, that’s all good stuff, right?

But there are players who don’t care about that. They’re not interested in saving the world – though that’s likely to happen most of the time anyway – or playing gopher for the helpless.

They’d rather be evil. Or maybe neutral/amoral/mercenary. Out for themselves. The “What’s in it for me?” crowd. The “Let me by or I’ll smash in your face” bunch.

The evil/amoral types do as they please. They follow no rules. Good guys are hampered. They can’t use poison. They’re not supposed to lie, cheat, or steal. They’re supposed to be polite and diplomatic. They’re dull.

Actors are always looking to play bad guys. For much of the movie, they have it their own way. Of course, they get it in the end, unless they manage to escape for a sequel. In the meantime, though, they have a lot of fun wreaking havoc.

I can understand the temptation for gamers to “walk on the dark side”. Good is often so very restrictive, and evil so shallowly portrayed, that it’s a wonder we play the hero part at all. Especially in game after game.

Have you ever gotten tired of it? Tired of the “Boy Scout” routine? Tired of restraining yourself when you’d rather bash someone over the head? Tired of being the “universal problem solver”?

Is there a way of being good without being dull? Of being a hero without being “Goody Two-Shoes”? Of being able to act like a real human, a real person, now and then?

While we wait for that to happen, why be a hero?