Well, yesterday’s post on the “fun factor” in games didn’t get many comments. Though it does seem that the sentiment of those who did respond is that we’re jaded. Maybe so.

We have, after all, been playing games for many years. But the point of that essay wasn’t about some “breakthrough”. It was that games have ceased to be fun for awhile now.

Of course, “same-old, same-old” is part of that. Yet I think we don’t need a “breakthrough” so much as perhaps a different approach or perspective from the designers.

And we didn’t really get into what makes a game “fun” in the first place. It isn’t the same for everyone, either. Xian was bored with Fate early on, while I enjoyed it and played it quite a bit.

Dolnor seems to have kept his freshness (I envy you, Dolnor!). Is that why you call yourself “eternal newbie”? Every game is still “new” as far as you’re concerned?

That brings up the question: how long does it take before someone feels “jaded”? That games are really much the same, aside from the neato visuals? Is that why the market is 18-34? The people in that group play awhile and then drop out after noticing nothing has really changed?

In the meantime, I’m still hoping to come across a fun game or two yet.