An outfit called Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, Inc. has released a study they made on console games. Perhaps not surprising, they found that M-rated games are the best sellers.

They tracked titles on the PS3, Xbox, and Wii. The M-rated games came to only about 10% of the total, but they had the most sales. They also had the highest ratings on a site called Metacritic, which compiles ratings from around the net.

I didn’t know there were any M titles for the Wii. It’s been promoted so heavily to the family/casual market, the thought that there are “adult” games for it is a bit startling.

There was nothing on games for the PC. But then, I guess we all know that M-raters are likely the the best-selling titles for that platform.

Anyway, check out the report and see what you think. I also include a link to Metacritic in case you want to to take a look (they rate more than games).

Console report On EED