Ever since Rockstar announced they were making changes to Manhunt 2 for a revised rating to M, there’s been a lot of speculation on what those changes would be. Now, thanks to an article on IGN, we know.

As it turns out, the changes seem to be minimal. There is still a lot of nasty violence and mess. Some death scenes have been “blurred”, so you can’t see exactly what is happening, and the infamous “ripping off testicles with pliers” incident has been dropped.

Otherwise, much of what was there before is still there in all its gruesomeness. For those interested, the link is below. Be warned, some of the descriptions may be a bit much for some.

And yeah, this is not a game that interests me in any way. You’d have to pay me some really big bucks (and buy me a console, too!) for me to even consider it. Bleah. And there are people who like this stuff.

Manhunt 2 The M and The AO on IGN