That’s right, text. As in “interactive fiction”. Of course, we know there are such games out there now, in little places around the net, catering to a very niche audience. This is a bit different.

David Cornelson has started up a company called Textfyre. And he’s looking to grab a young market. A young reader market. If nothing else, that’s certainly a new approach.

Despite all the hype about video games, there are kids who do read books. This is where Textfyre thinks they can slip in. Not on the retail shelves next to Bioshock, but maybe on the bookshelves of Barnes & Noble.

Obviously, such games wouldn’t be like the complex products of the old Infocom days, although David wouldn’t mind getting his hands on a license for some of those “golden oldies”. Or Harry Potter, for that matter.

From the interview, it’s clear that these IF games would be short, as Textfyre is looking to produce, eventually, at least one new title a month. That’s fairly ambitious, but if they can get a foothold, who knows? they may be able to pull it off.

In any case, in these days of graphically-overloaded games, it’s refreshing to see someone trying to bring reading back into games. Check out the article and see what you think.

Textfyre interview on Gamasutra