First up, the National Bureau of Economic Research just released the results from a study of college students with game consoles in the dorm room. No surprise, they found students with consoles studied on average 40 minutes less per day.

That translated into a 0.241 drop in the students’ GPAs. It looks like studying really does matter when it comes to grades. Of course, that’s not much of a surprise either, but confirmation is always nice.

On the other hand, consoles are being used in Japan now to teach grade school children, with good results. Note that this is not playing games, but doing schoolwork.

Apparently, teaching this way helps kids learn better/faster. I suspect, in time, this will spread to the entire Japanese school system. The Japanese have always had a talent for diving into something new and picking out exactly what suits them.

I wonder what this means for the future? Distributed education, where the students stay home, and log in to classes where the teacher is seen via a webcam? What would that mean for the usual extra-curricular activities? Would schools, as we know them now, disappear?

Something to ponder as you read the articles:

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