The Internet. It seems that the online world is taking over, at least for some portion of the American population. JWT, the fourth-largest ad agency, surveyed 1,011 people, and learned that a startling 20 percent have less sex because they’d rather spend that time online.

Another 28 percent spend less time with friends for the same reason. So maybe it’s not surprising when 15 percent of the respondents admitted they couldn’t go a day without a connection to the ‘net.

The article didn’t specify exactly what online activities these people engage in; games, for instance, weren’t mentioned (perhaps we should be grateful for that).

Of course, there’s no way of knowing how these people were chosen, or how representative they are of the general population. But I do find these results scary.

It appears that a fair portion of Americans are addicted to the Internet, and not necessarily because of games. When someone admits being unable to go a day or a few days without being online, yeah, that’s addiction in my book. Read the article and see what you think.

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