IGN just posted a list of upcoming releases for the fall season, and it seems that alien enemies are suddenly popular.

Could this be a real trend? Maybe gamers are tiring of the usual orcs/demons/undead that they’ve been fighting for so many years. Or perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

Then again, EA has a press release out about a new game in the works called Dead Space, a “survival horror” jaunt somewhere in space. The problem is – dare I say it? (sure ;) – an alien infestation.

I also recall, somewhat vaguely now, some company announced a similar game where your character was fighting aliens on a ship and had to decide whether or not to take cybernetic enhancements to fight them. Couldn’t, alas, find where on the site I mentioned that one.

So watch out, folks, the aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!

Fall PC Lineup at IGN

Dead Space press release

P.S. I’m sure Presto will be along to add a few titles that IGN overlooked ;)