Over at his blog the other day (Friday, actually), Coyote posted on the question: What Makes A Great RPG?

First he went through a bunch of points that he felt made the ideal RPG, and then, of course, admitted that probably no game would ever be “ideal”. That’s because “great” and “ideal” are subjective qualties, and each of us has separate opinons on what those words mean.

I don’t have to tell you what mine are, because at the end, he quotes me and couple other people on the topic. You won’t find any surprises in my squib, and I suspect that many here would agree with most of what I wrote.

This does, however, bring to mind a question (or so). Are the features of the games we considered “great” in the “good old days” the same as those of games (if any) that we think of as being “great” today? Have our tastes and expectations changed at all? Or aren’t there any games these days that we feel are “great”, or even “very good”?

While you ponder those, check out Coyote’s post and see what answers you come up with.

What Makes A Great RPG? on Coyote’s blog