Over at RPGWatch, they just posted the first of a two-part hands-on preview of The Witcher.

Of course, previews should always be approached with a certain amount of wariness. Especially as most are not based on the full game, but just a portion. Sometimes, they’re no more than write-ups from what the previewer heard from the devs while viweing a few screens.

In this case, though, the report comes from hands-on play. Part 1 covers the milieu and discusses the questing (with a bit of minor spoiler). The second part will be about the mechanics and other features.

From what I read there, The Witcher seems to be shaping up as a game apart from the crowd, even with that notorious “action/RPG” sticker. There is certainly much more to it than was found in, say, Titan Quest.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing if the whole game will continue what appears to be an excellent beginning. But it does sound interesting enough right now that I’m wishing my system could play the game.

I could take a chance on that, since it’s only the CPU that doesn’t meet the min specs. Yet, given the graphic problems I had with other high-end games (NWN2 and TQ), I’m reluctant.

Maybe the best thing will be to wait until release (and patches ;), and see if anyone is trying this on a non-spec system. Or maybe I should run a Scorpathon to gather contributions for purchasing a new rig ;).

Either way, check out the article on RPGWatch and see what you think.

Witcher preview on RPGwatch