Gee, skip my afternoon game sweep and look what happens. It’s all over the net, of course. EA is buying Pandemic and Bioware. Ouch.

I’ve just looked at a few comments, and gamers aren’t happy about it. EA’s rep in the buyout of good studios isn’t exactly a positive one, after all.

EA also held a conference call earlier this afternoon on the subject, and details can be found on Gamasutra. Funny thing, they mentioned both Westwood and Maxis. Remember them? Are they still around? I don’t remember hearing anything coming along from those guys in the recent past. Doesn’t exactly make for confidence.

Someone on the call asked what Bioware and Pandemic get out of this. Well shucks, they get a publisher. No more running around looking for someone to distribute the games. We can only hope that EA will keep their hands off, but I have my doubts.

Bioware Buyout Press Release on Yahoo News

Buyout Conference Call Details on Gamasutra