No sooner than the news hit the ‘net about the Bioware buyout, than sites were scrambling for interviews with the principals of both companies.

Gamespot has one with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk of Bioware. It doesn’t make for a confident feeling, as the two are somewhat coy in their responses. And Muzyka’s remark that “EA is best publisher” made me shiver a bit.

Gamasutra has a pair of articles, one an interview with the same two from Bioware, and the other with Greg Borrud, Josh Resnick, and Andrew Goldman of Pandemic. They seem rather positive that their studio will be able to maintain its identity and independence. The same three were also interviewed over at 1up.

Finally, over at Firing Squad, there’s a thoughtful piece on the whole matter, which is well worth reading.

After wading through all the above, I’m taking a “wait and see approach”. While I’m not thrilled over the buyout, it could be a good thing for Bioware/Pandemic, if EA keeps hands off. Especially with the new head at EA, John Riccitiello.

So I think it’s a little too soon for “doom and gloom”. On the other hand, it is a bit disquieting that so far, no explanations have been given as to why the sale was made in the first place. Hmmmmm.

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