Yes indeed, the British government is in need of spies (or should that be “intelligence agents”?). Maybe even desperately so. And they’re willing to try some of the less orthodox methods.

For example, last summer MI5 advertised for staff on the sides of London buses. It’s not every day you see a “secret” agency coming out like that in public with recruitment ads.

But that’s low-tech. Now they’re moving into high gear with advertising in spy-related games such as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent. No doubt Government Communications Headquarters, which does the surveillance stuff, figures people who play these games are prime material for spy work.

Of course, most games with that theme don’t have much to do with actual spying; they tend to be more on the “action” side. I suspect much of the surveillance work is dull stuff, and not likely to appeal to those whose idea of “spy work” comes mainly from video games and movies.

But at least Britain’s intelligence arm seems to be keeping up with the times. Whether it will bring in the recruits is another matter. After all, it’s not James Bond they’re looking for.

Gamers Make The Best Spies on UK Times