Yeah, slush. So many games coming out, and nothing to play.

There was Two Worlds. I read up on it and gave it the go-by. Depths Of Peril with its strategy elements didn’t appeal to me. Nor did Bioshock, for all the hype.

Then there were the Diablo clones, Loki and now Chosen: Well Of Souls. Of course, between Titan Quest and Fate, I’d rather had my fill of A/RPGs. Still, I might have given Chosen a look, but not after reading a couple of reviews (RPG Watch in particular has a good one).

The Witcher‘s minimum specs are a bit beyond my system, but I’m still hoping it might run, so I’ll be keeping an eye on the boards. Naturally, I won’t buy the game until I’m fairly sure about that.

As for Hellgate: London, after that EULA, there’s no way I’d touch it now. Even though I would have played it strictly offline as an SP game. There’s always something.

So the Christmas season right now isn’t shaping up as “merry and bright” so far as games are concerned. Product, product everywhere, Nor any game to play…