…because you didn’t win. “You”, in this case, being Sony. The tempest in a teapot over Resistance: Fall of Man (Church Of England Vs. Sony and CoE Vs. Sony Update) seems finally to have calmed down and gone away.

We note that the “all is forgiven” message only came after the BAFTA winners were announced and Sony’s game didn’t get an award. Perhaps the CoE felt Sony had been punished enough by losing out.

Not that the Church was completely gracious about the matter; the “forgiveness” had a good deal of backhand to it, as you will see from the public statement.

And speaking of public, all the buzz about this incident brought a surge of visitors to the cathedral. Of course, we’re not surprised by that. Any place in the news is going to draw a crowd. Oh, and no, Sony didn’t make any changes to the game, either. Good for them.

CoE Forgives Sony