Two companies have just received infusions of cash, while a third seems to be looking to cut costs.

Atari, still struggling along in the wake of a $69.7 million loss last year, picked up $10 million to keep it tottering on its feet. This comes after the “slaughter in the boardroom” awhile back, when most of the board was ousted and replaced.

That chunk of cash, however, isn’t enough. Apparently they need more than $10 mil to ramp up for the holiday season (and what do they have coming up, anyway?) and immediate cash flow needs. Once again, Atari’s prospects are somewhat bleak.

ZeniMax, on the other hand, is smiling. That’s the parent company of Bethesda, and they just snagged a hefty $300 million for future development, particularly in the MMO arena. How much of that will go towards Fallout 3 is unknown. Possibly not too much, since the game is slated for release late next year. It looks more like this money will be used to fund new projects.

And then there’s EA. According to Gamespot, they’re looking to cut staff all across the company’s various studios. Perhaps not surprising, in the wake of the huge sum they paid to acquire Bioware/Pandemic.

A company rep stated that the cuts are more-or-less standard procedure, now that their holiday games are done. Maybe so, but if they drop the programmers, who will be doing all the patches?

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