On Gamasutra today, they have a brief summary of the 2007 Casual Games Report from the Casual Games Association. It’s all about numbers, of course, but they’re interesting.

For example, casual games are now a $2 billion+ industry, and growing at a whopping 20% a year. Of course, there are a lot of CGs out there now, and I imagine the money is spread over quite a few of them. But we can see why the “big” publishers are now jumping into the market.

For some time, it’s been said that women make up the majority, but according to the report, the numbers are quite close: 48% male and 51% female. Men are cheaper, though: 74% of those who subscribe (pay to play) are women.

The average for online play is 7-15 hours per week. That’s almost good enough for an “A” title. What really caught my attention, however, is that while average time spent on playing a game is five to twenty minutes, many players go from one game to another, spending hours in play overall.

So what does that mean? Short attention span? Or is it that casual players enjoy variety? If that’s the case, perhaps we have an explanation for why the “regular” games don’t entice more people.

After all, the typical shooter/RPG/driving game/etc. features a lot of repetition. We’ve been through that ourselves plenty of times. “The grind”, if you will. And it seems from this report, casuals have no interest in doing a lot of “repeat action”. At least not for any long period of time.

Maybe the “A” developers should take a closer look at this, and figure out ways of putting more variety in their products. We could all benefit from that. In the meantime, check out the article and see what you think.

2007 Casual Games summary on Gamasutra.